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Preparation for the workplace begins at a very early age, and most people probably do not realise this at the time, normally in the belief that the day you begin your education to obtain recognisable qualifications is where it begins. What many people fail to realise is that the day you leave the formal education is not the end of your formal learning if you are looking to get the most out of your future career; this is only the very beginning. You have been educated to a certain standard but are probably lacking in a number of skills that are of benefit to business in a management role.

How can you improve your chances to find better and more suitable job opportunities?
As you walk away from your graduation day, it is reasonable to make the presumption that it is near impossible to know how competent or suitable you are for any given job. Till date, you have not proved yourself in any field other than in learning. You may have a good idea as to which direction or employment field you wish to follow, but that is not to say that a potential employer will share the same vision with you. The employer could be persuaded if you can demonstrate your compatibility to their business. The first thing to consider in demonstrating your value or potential value is to undertake an employability test - MET.

Vision: "We aspire to create a high potential Human Resource community where Youth succeed, Partnerships prosper and Performance excels."
Mission:"Our aim is to connect individuals with careers through assessments that consider both skills as well as personality in order to achieve professional and personal satisfaction. "

MET is a mix of psychometric and skills met to assess your skills and competency.
Many employers want as much information about prospective employees in advance of an interview. While a resume and covering letter will demonstrate a number of key factors that may be desirable, the picture created really is only a very small proportion of the information required by an employer for more specialised roles when assessing a graduate or a post graduate student. What MET will provide is a more in-depth information of your workplace skills, capabilities and compatibility to employers at a glance.

MET provides you with two papers,a Personality Test and an Employability Test.While the Personality Test includes situational questions,the Employability Test is little more complex.There are six types of questions in an Employability Test,they are as follows.

While this may sound like writing a very simple test, it requires you to solve few problems and analyse situations to arrive at the correct answers which helps us to arrive at your following skills and competencies:

Reserved / Warm | Reactive / Emotionally stable | Accommodating / Assertive | Opportunist / Conscientious | Forthright / Private | Self-assured / Apprehensive | Conventional / Experimenting | Teamplayer / Individualist | Carefree / Self disciplined | Composed / Impatient | Serious / Lively | Shy / Socially bold | Pragmatic / Sensitive | Trusting / Vigilant | Practical / Imaginative.

Why should students know their Employability Quotient?
Knowing and understanding your Employability Quotient has a two-fold benefit for you, as you will be aware of your current Employability Quotient and gain an insight into skills that can be improved upon. For example, you may be strong at problem solving and lateral thinking but not as adept with communication skills or influencing other people from your peer group.

It does not mean that no further development of written communication skills is required, but it does determine the priority of which skills could and should be developed as a starting point. You may still be perfectly employable following a first completion of MET but by applying yourself to improve all your skillsets and learn new skills will open far more opportunities and better prospects of employment.

MET will also help you in knowing your personality factors (competency), which means the report will guide you to select the job profile which suits your personality, a profile which you are inclined to from within and not because your best friend wants to pursue it. As said by a famous businessman and author of many best sellers, Harvey Mackay "Find something you love to do and you'll never have to work a day in your life."

What are the benefits of an employability test?
The obvious benefit gained from the MET is the knowledge of your potential to an employer at the time of the test, so that the employers also are aware of your potential. Until you are aware of your Employability Quotient, you cannot have an understanding of your own self or your worth to an employer. It is reported that some 60% of business organisations in India approve of the effectiveness and usefulness of the employability tests as identifying suitable candidates is more efficient and effective, making the selection process increasingly manageable.

Embarking on the employability test will give an advantage over your peers, simultaneously providing employers with a better notion of your skills and potential in the workplace. It also offers an opportunity to identify how you can improve your skills and employment opportunities

Any graduate or post graduate with 0-2 years of experience can take MET. This test will help freshers between 0 to 2 years of experience to identify their strengths and weaknesses, which will help them for further development or go for further education; which may be required to elevate their Employability Quotient. Candidates (even drop outs) may have appropriate skills that employers are looking for, but without a degree your options may become limited. However with a good Employability Quotient you can highlight your potential skills and competency to the employers, or identify skill sets where you can improve and make yourself more employable to prepare for the next level of growth

Our core team is represented by diverse skill sets and backgrounds, but most importantly share a common "can-do" DNA
The management ensures that there are always opportunities for the team to take initiatives, encourage to think out of the box, and also roll up their sleeves sometimes to get the job done.

Bobby Singh Chandel : Founder & CEO
Experienced banker with expertise in sales and operations of various banking & insurance services in India and the Middle East. Recruited and trained a large number of candidates for a large BPO catering to the banking, insurance and other services industries. Cross domain skills, experience of setting up and running large scale operations and a strong network in the BFSI segment are his core strengths.

Sachin Patil : CTO
Is a graduate from IIM Ahmedabad with experience in consulting to large corporate houses. His clients included Godrej Interio, Godrej Appliances, Philips and many more. In his last assignments, he has played a pivotal role in developing strategies for these corporates to reach out to the consumer. He has also played an important role in web based application development for these clients.

Jenny Chettiar : Manager Assessments & Training
Is a psychologist with expertise in skills and psychometric assessments to measure various personality traits and workplace competencies. She has conducted various assessments for school and college students for career guidance with the help of psychometric assessments to map their aptitude, personality and interest. She has also conducted various psychometric assessments for corporate executives and is a trained counsellor. She is equipped with expertise in developing modules, facilitating and conducting training programmes on various behavioural and soft-skills for schools, colleges and corporates.