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Opportunity -India is set to be the youngest country by 2020 with the median age below 30 years. As per the latest census data available on the MHRD and information on various state board websites, we have approximately over 16 lakh student from most of the states across India appear for class IX to XII every year.

Often we have seen kids from class IX to XII (14 to 18 years of age) struggle in their career selection process and need external help that may come from parent, teacher (school or coaching classes) and most of the career selection suggestions come from the fact what a kid / student can do, which defines the aptitude of the kid

Not necessary what I can do is what I want to do!

MyDisha is a cloud based career guidance assessment and counselling platform which can help students and parents identify the best career choices based on what a kid - Can Do (Aptitude), Wants To Do (Interest) and Should do (Personality) followed by a detailed counselling for parent & kid.

MyDisha offers a franchise opportunity for entrepreneurs to add another product to their revenue stream. This can help the entrepreneur to make best use of their existing infrastructure and generate more revenues driving higher profits.

Why Partner - MyDisha is in the business of longevity and service which never ends. The key to our success is our proactive approach and service provided to our customers. This business can exist till the time the word Business exists. Our objective is that we all grow with the business.

Who Can Partner - An entrepreneur, who is looking to grow his business and is ready to take up this challenging and growing opportunity. Entrepreneurs in the business of Pre Primary Schools, Skill Development Centres, Training Institutes, English Speaking Institutes, Coaching Classes. Even Fresh Start ups who are ready with the investment and are interested to get into education segment can apply

This partnership will only compliment your existing business with minimal investment can help you with additional revenue streams.